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Residential Roofing

We are an expert in residential roofing solutions.

Every installation is unique and we take into account slope, style of the house, climate, and cost in determining what type of roof is best for your residence. 

With our vast experience on both sides of the insurance claims process, we will make the insurance and repairs process as easy as possible.

Some of our most popular roofing options are listed below:

Metal Roofing

Traditionally used on primarily on commercial roofs, standing seam/metal roofs have become increasingly popular in residential buildings in recent years.

Durability, longevity,energy efficiency, and aesthetic are the typical draws for this style of roofing.

Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno


Asphalt roofing is primarily used in residential applications and is highly accessible. Available in a wide variety of style and weights.

An affordable, yet durable option.

Long-term warranties backed by leading manufacturers in the industry.

Image by Edgar Moran


Typically made of Clay, Slate, or Concrete, tile roofing is most commonly used for Spanish style residences.


Clay roofing is considered to be the most prestigious by many residential customers. Tile roofing offers a traditional look with a warm impression.

Particularly for a warm climates, a majority of tile roofs achieve a high enough reflective rating to qualify for energy star rating and reduces cooling costs for residential customers.

Image by Tanja Žarić
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